Initial Draft:
Dick Dastardly's Fying Machine
The Dastardly vilian from the Hanna Barbara cartoon and his unfaithful companion Mutly will fly once again. It will have a 42.5" wing span and will be 36" long, and a wing area of 545 Sq In. With an estimated weight of 40 Oz. it will have a wing loading of 15 Oz Per Sq Ft.
Under construction:
SBD Dauntless
The Dauntless is a 1/12th scale version of the aircraft that won the battle of Midway. It will have a 40.5" wing span and will be 34" long, It has 390 Sq In. of wing area, and a wing loading of 15 oz per square ft. The Dauntless will also include retracts and fully functional dive breaks. Recomended motor is an 1100 Kv with a2200 mAh Lypo, and a 30 amp ESC. Prop is 10 X 4.7 - 11 X 3.8